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The intimate community for top PMs ready to make life-long friends and jump into product leadership.

Members include PMs at companies like:

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What members are saying

With Product Circle, I joined a special community of product leaders that have helped me sharpen critical skills and create lifelong friendships. There’s no doubt it’s helped elevate me as a PM.

Mitchell Kogan, Product Manager at Facebook, Novi

I'm so glad I joined Product Circle. It’s so common for teams to have multiple designers and SWEs… but then have a single PM. It’s so refreshing to bounce ideas off of PMs at other companies.

Charmaine Lee, Product Manager at Unity

Product Circle helps me explore new ideas, meet product thinkers across the industry and expand my toolset. I'm confident that we'll all go on to do incredible things in our careers.

Dmitry Pimenov, Product Manager at Stripe

Where top PMs come to build career-defining friendships.

Product Circle is designed to be an intimate group for PMs at top startups and companies to build real friendships. These friendships will create great memories, introductions, opportunities, side-projects, startups, mentorship, ideas, conversations and more.

Guides from top PMs

"A universal aspect of Product Management that people don't expect is just how lonely it feels to be a PM." - Shreyas Doshi

Product management can be lonely. This is a common cause for poor mental health, the inability to have important conversations, and worse career outcomes.

As PMs, we set out to find a solution to loneliness. We spoke with dozens of PMs, Directors and PM managers and here's what we learned:

We're not lacking PM connections, we're lacking PM friends.

PM friends who check in on you when things are rough. PM friends who you'd love to go to a concert, bar or park with. PM friends who you can bounce crazy ideas off of.

We built Product Circle to help PMs like you build real friendships and grow into a product leader.

Join product managers from companies like:

PM vs. Product Leader

PMs build features and products. You typically support 5-20 engineers and cross-functional partners. You inherit a product vision and define the strategy for your respective area. The average total compensation for a FAANG PM is $262,000*.

Product leaders do more:

  • They are the Head of Product, first-PM hire, Director or VP of Product.

  • They build organizations, not products.

  • They support hundreds or thousands of engineers and cross-functional partners.

  • They are more concerned about winning an industry, not growing a metric.

  • The total compensation for a FAANG product director is $848,000/year*. At high growth startups, this can be a multi-million dollar exit.

*Averages from Levels.fyi

Here's the thing: most product leaders started as product managers.

In Product Circle, you'll surround yourself with PMs who will soon shape the industry and leaders who are doing it today.

This is the community that will accelerate your path to leadership.

Product Circle is the community I wish I had when I was a PM.

Robleh Jama, Director of Product at Shopify

Inside the Circle

If you're accepted as a member, here's some of what you'll get:

Real friendship with top PMs

Join high-integrity, ambitious PMs from top companies and startups.

Get intros into their networks, work on projects together and build your presence in the larger PM community.

Join product managers from:

Intimate events with product leaders

Chats with 5 people are more honest than those with 500.

We invite Head of Products, first-PM hires and Directors/VP of Product to share candid, open and practical advice with our community.

Product leaders at companies like:

Conversations you can't have anywhere else

It's hard to speak to your manager about everything. It helps to have smart peers who are willing to have the hard conversations.

The community is designed as a safe, supportive and thoughtful place to help our members achieve more.

Apply for membership

Product Circle is an intimate, quality-over-quantity community. We want PMs with lived experiences and who are willing to build career-defining relationships.

To apply for membership, you must be:

  1. A product manager at a reputable product culture or high-growth startup.

  2. 2+ years in the field or demonstrated significant impact.

  3. Have a desire to contribute and become a strong presence in the broader product community.

  4. Low ego, high agency and willingness to put in the work to succeed.

It may not be a match if you are:

  1. Just entering the PM function or are looking to transition into a PM role.

  2. Not ready to share your ideas, questions, challenges and needs.

  3. Not able to put time/effort into developing relationships.

Are you qualified?

The inaugural cohort kicks off in September. Annual access to the community is $990 $490 for the inaugural cohort. If you are accepted, we’ll help you expense some or all of the cost with your company.


What is the time commitment?

All 1-1 meetings, fireside chats and meet-ups are optional. But to get the full value of the community, aim to spend 1-2 hours a week meeting members of the community, contributing to discussions, attending events or meeting up IRL.

Can I participate from anywhere in the world?

With the inaugural cohort, we will coordinate events around three time zones: PST, EST and BST.

In-person events will be coordinated in three cities: San Francisco, New York and London. We will revisit this if we grow the community.

How is Product Circle different from other PM communities?

Other communities have thousands of people at different stages of career. This makes honest conversations hard and the experience less intimate.

Product Circle is an application-only, intimate group that is focused on building strong friendships between top PMs.

Is it worth the cost?

An average promotion from IC PM to Group PM at FAANG is $155,000*. For IC PMs who become product hires at fast-growing companies, the exit can be in the millions. For Group PMs to Directors at FAANG, the promotion yields on average $270,000*.

The inaugural membership to Product Circle is $490/year. This is a small investment in your ability to create a step function change in your impact and compensation.

The membership price will rise after the inaugural cohort.

*Averages from Levels.fyi

What is the refund policy?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your membership for any reason, let us know within the first 30 days of membership and we will refund your payment

What is your stance on diversity?

Product Circle looks to support communities that have historically low retention and growth in their PM careers. We will actively seek ways to include more people from underrepresented backgrounds in the community.

The top awaits. Join other PMs striving for more.

Join and start contributing to the PM community for top performers.

The deadline for the inaugural cohort has passed. Join the waitlist to apply for our next cohort.

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